The Goldilocks Syndrome for Women Speakers

I gave my First TEDx Talk in Stuttgart this spring. The expe­ri­ence was a BIG stretch and I even­tu­allyTed X Talk Occupy Bear's House will write about the lessons I’ve learned.

After coach­ing 4 speak­ers for the TEDx­Lyon last Novem­ber, I wanted to “walk my talk” and fully expe­ri­ence what it was to design, pre­pare and deliver a TED for­mat Pre­sen­ta­tion. It’s a real “heroine’s jour­ney” and you’d bet­ter be pre­pared! I can only rec­om­mend you to go for it and share what you care for with the world.

Here it is: Occupy the Bear’s House, or The Goldilocks Syn­drome for Women Speakers.

And my keynote pre­sen­ta­tion on Sliderocket:

My grat­i­tude goes for the fan­tas­tic team in Stuttgart who orga­nized the whole event and espe­cially to Dirk Haun who trusted me and asked me to speak at TED.

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  1. Con­grats on the TEDx talk…! Very awesome.

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