For Chocolate Lovers, Only.

Do you love choco­late? Okay, I didn’t say deca­dent Nutella (although I love it too). I mean, real dark and tasty choco­late? Do you like it hot and creamy? Then, you will just love this very sim­ple recipe of moelleux au chocolat.

What you need

  • Dark choco­late, the best qual­ity you can find (in France we have Nestlé dessert, by far the best qual­ity you can find in every super­mar­ket). 200g that’s a “tablette”

  • But­ter. Unsalted plain but­ter. 150 g.
  • 4 big eggs.
  • 200 g of sugar.
  • 2 table spoons of flour. Yes, that’s all!

You mix first the eggs and sugar,

Then add the choco­late and but­ter melted

And at the end add the flour.

You bake for no more than 20 min­utes in an oven heated to 180°.

Et voilà!

Régalez-vous This is the recipe I have been doing for over 20 years, never fails and gets big smiles on everyone’s face!

Secrets: don’t add more flour, don’t bake longer even if it seems it’s too creamy and last tip, add a spoon of extra strong cof­fee to the melt­ing chocolate.

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