When Cooking meets Leadership, or when Chocolate melts with Orange Zest…

Yes­ter­day evening, I was the guest speaker for the March meet­ing, at the  Anglo­phone Women’s Pro­fes­sional Net­work­ing Group. It took place at KPMG, LYON just one week after the 100th anniver­sary of The Inter­na­tional Women’s Day. The theme was Women, start­ing over pro­fes­sion­ally. I changed it to: “Women, Start Your Rev­o­lu­tion Now”. I took as much care, love and plea­sure to pre­pare it as to bake this fon­dant choco­lat orange.

Orange? Choco­late? Lead­er­ship Coach­ing? Cook­ing Recipes? Choix Cornélien…

Here is the keynote pre­sen­ta­tion which is be the start­ing point of my  next BIG project, The Heroine’s Jour­ney.

Mean­while, as I’m at home, on this wednes­day after­noon, super­vis­ing the children’s home­work and writ­ing, I felt like shar­ing the recipe with you, step by step, with illus­tra­tions, just like I did yes­ter­day for my Heroine’s Jour­ney. We spoke about Linus’s blan­ket (from peanuts), about freshly squeezed orange juice, about Pizza shaped wheels of life, about the blos­som­ing of hyacinth and dif­fer­ent flavours of change, in a woman’s life. Of course, we talked busi­ness facts and fig­ures, with the She­con­omy and decided to craft a strate­gic pro­fes­sional busi­ness plan.

Again, sto­ries, coach­ing, learn­ing, lead­er­ship and recipes are always weaved together, just like on my blog. I strug­gled many years to keep them neatly sep­a­rated, but they seem to be irre­sistibly attracted to one another!

Geron­i­mar­ion, my other blog on pos­ter­ous, the most per­sonal and cre­ative part of myself, is rub­bing off on my pro­fes­sional web­site. I did a lit­tle sur­vey yes­ter­day and almost apol­o­gized (yes, I know, I shouldn’t but that’s the way I am!) for includ­ing cook­ing recipes recently. The response was imme­di­ate and uni­vo­cal, it’s a big plus and a metaphor that speaks to many. So, wel­come Dobby (my per­sonal Elf)

Fon­dant à l’orange et coulis de choco­lat noir.

It already feels warmier and cosier at home, while the chil­dren are busy doing their home­work, or cycling to their friends house.

This is what you will need.

150 g butter

150 g sugar

2 eggs

125g flour, ½ pack of bak­ing powder

2 oranges

200 g dark chocolate

Icing sugar

  • Mix the but­ter and the sugar and add one orange juice.
  • Mix with one egg, then add another.
  • Add the flour and the bak­ing pow­der, and the chis­eled zest of one orange.
  • Put but­ter and flour in a round moule and fill it with the mixture.

Pour into a but­tered cake pan. It looks like “un soleil cru” (raw sun). Bake the sun 10 min­utes in a hot oven (200°).

Bake another 10 to 15 min­utes at a lower tem­per­a­ture (170°).

Et voilà le soleil!

Here comes the sun!

You just have to pre­pare the choco­late coulis, just dark very good choco­late (like Nestlé Dessert) and 2 spoons of water. C’est tout! No extra milk, no extra but­ter. Non, non, non!

Sim­ply  put into the micro-wave for 1 or 2 min­utes. Let it sim­mer and mix vigorously.

When the cake is cold, add the other orange juice, sprin­kle with some orange zest and serve with the warm coulis au choco­lat noir.

Gloomy Wede­nes­days will never felt sun­nier! When you have the oppor­tu­nity, maybe next Sun­day after­noon, bake your own sun. It will only cost you a few eggs, oranges, but­ter , flour and choco­late and it will enlighten your home! To be shared with generosity.

Bon appétit!

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