My first experience with Mister Twitter

Liv­ing in France, I have been rather late at dis­cov­er­ing Twitter.It first really came with an arti­cle from Michele Mar­tin,  via a very good Blog I fol­low, “The Bam­boo Project”.

I read it care­fully, hor­ri­fied and scared by the poten­tial dan­gers and addic­tions it involved.

I had made my mind. Just like Michele, I would refuse to fol­low the flock of tweet­ing birds.

I started to hate Twit­ter with­out know­ing actu­ally what it was about.

  • Then, maybe the day after, I stum­bled upon a very short post : “Let’s tweet” or “Voulez-vous twit­ter avec moi?” writ­ten by Mark Raison


As it came from some­one I admire and respect,…and has a very good sense of humor , I thought I would give it a chance.(Mark Rai­son ‚Yel­low Ideas, he blogs in French, lives in Spain, comes from Bel­gium and tweets in English).

That’s how it all began…

My first step was to sign in and find a user­name. I thought it was very sweet and bright to pick up “cre­ative impulse”. Then, you down­load a pic­ture for you.

I still didn’t want to reveal myself and take it too seriously.

So I picked up a car­toon pic­ture from Hergé, La Castafiore, scream­ing shame­lessly in Tintin’s ears.

It looked funny and smart (I said to myself…)


And I started to see who in my address book was on Twit­ter, and of course, who they were following…

I fol­lowed Obama. Sur­prise: my ego bursted when I saw that HE was fol­low­ing me. For a sec­ond I really believed I had con­nected with the Pres­i­dent of the USA.(still VERY naive…).

It was the start of a deli­cious addic­tion… more in next posts : Addicted to Twit­ter: don’t start!

And you, what was your first expe­ri­ence with Twitter?

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