New Born Presentation with Garr Reynolds

Imag­ine you are enter­ing a bath in a Japan­ese Hot Spring.

You have taken all your clothes off and put them in a wicker bas­ket on a shelf. You’re stand­ing naked with just the pro­tec­tion of a wash cloth. You feel very naked and vul­ner­a­ble. Around you, in the com­mu­nal bath­room, you see only women (if you are a man, then you see only men). Per­fect strangers. From all gen­er­a­tions. You may feel shy and awk­ward as you squat on a small wooden stool. You wash your­self care­fully with some liq­uid soap from the dis­pensers and scrub your skin. You then fill the small wooden tub with water and pour it over your­self sev­eral times.

Prepa­ra­tion time is over. It is then time, in a state of clean­li­ness, to slowly enter the com­mu­nal bath . Slowly because the water is some­times so hot that you need to take it easy. Pure bliss starts there. As you deeply relax in the steamy bath, your mind drifts away and you start notic­ing how alive and present you are.
You smell the cedar wood. You feel the cool breeze from the blue moun­tains. Your body is immersed in hot sul­fu­ric water, both heavy and very light. Your feet touch the smooth stone floor. You’re then float­ing. You are dream­ing wide awake. The view all around you is breath tak­ing. Dense green forests and immense moun­tains. Beauty, sim­plic­ity and har­mony every­where. Birds flit around. You hear peo­ple chat­ting or whis­per­ing at a dis­tance. You can also focus on the sound of hot water pour­ing from a spout or gen­tly gush­ing from a foun­tain. Eter­nity is now, silently envelop­ing you. You’re in a state of med­i­ta­tion. Both very relaxed and very aware.
You are Zen.
That is exactly how I felt when I opened the naked pre­sen­ter, by Garr Reynolds.

Unlike with dozens of other books writ­ten by experts in com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills, in speech writ­ing or in slides design, the read­ing of this book is essen­tially an expe­ri­ence. An expe­ri­ence of what it means to present naked.
You may buy it because you want to learn tech­niques and recipes which will help you pre­pare for your next pre­sen­ta­tion. You will find those, naturally.

But more than tips and tech­niques, it’s about the essen­tial “pres­ence” of presentation.

The expe­ri­ence of being naked, vul­ner­a­ble and human. Now.

It could be a book about Zen phi­los­o­phy.
It could be a book about poetry.
A book about beauty.
This is not an ordi­nary pre­sen­ta­tion design and deliv­ery book.

Give your­self a pre­cious gift. A beau­ti­ful object to put on your desk, to take with you on your next train or plane travel. A book that brings the spa to your body and heart and the monastery tem­ple to your soul. Simply.

It answers the essen­tial question:

What does it mean to be fully present?
Hold­ing this book in my hands, it’s like I con­nected with my inner Mrs Yoda and entered a gar­den of beauty, sim­plic­ity and harmony.

This book is not about Garr Reynolds. It’s not about being charis­matic and becom­ing a pre­sen­ta­tion guru.

I met Garr Reynolds in Paris, last Decem­ber, for Pre­sen­ta­tion Zen Euro­pean Sem­i­nar 2010, orga­nized by Phil Waknel and Pierre Morsa, from Ideas on Stage. I had grown famil­iar with him, from a reader’s point of view, since 2008. One of my first posts on this blog is about him. You can read it here, (it’s in French). When I first saw him in real life, I imme­di­ately con­nected with him as a per­son. Some­one who is sim­ply present, pay­ing atten­tion and lis­ten­ing with kind­ness, pas­sion and humor. Mak­ing you feel kind, pas­sion­ate and spiritual.

This book is about YOU.
You and your naked truth.
You and enter­ing your pri­vate sacred place where you will reveal and express your best.

Take off your clothes, your old hab­bits and rules and dive into the beau­ti­ful expe­ri­ence of a Japan­ese Hot Spring bath with The Naked presenter.

Once you will have read it, you will feel clean and zen as a new born.

You may then put on a freshly laun­dered cot­ton dress­ing gown (a Yukata) and start a new jour­ney with a clearer and more focused sense of your­self and what you want to express.

To express your­self as you are is the most impor­tant thing.”

- Shun­ryu Suzuki

The Naked Pre­sen­ter: Deliv­er­ing Pow­er­ful Pre­sen­ta­tions With or With­out Slides
Make a dif­fer­ence. Next time, present naked. It might change the world.

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5 Responses to New Born Presentation with Garr Reynolds

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  2. Nick Morgan says:

    Love the review! You get exactly the sense that Garr was try­ing to cre­ate — a sense of pres­ence as a pre­sen­ter. Let go of all the other wor­ries you have and focus on that moment, that audi­ence, that talk.

    • admin says:

      Thank you, Nick!
      Touches me all the more as it comes from some­one I do admire and learn from.
      It’s always a plea­sure to review books you love!
      Can’t wait to read yours :-)
      And seri­ously think­ing (and work­ing) on writ­ing mine!

  3. Beau­ti­fully writ­ten review that is really clear and mov­ing. Thank you!

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